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Our pride and joy stands in our ability to combine the latest in business communications, and customer buying patterns and intergrading them into the inspiring designs we are so famous for.

By providing step-by-step guidance and keeping constant contact we can assure that you will not only reap the benefits of our services, but also understand how things are done, and why they are so important to your website’s success.
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Guru Web Support offers small web business owners who are either starting up or have been in business from 1 - 10 years, the expertise and services they need to analyze their Brand and build a long-term sustainable process around their Website and Marketing strategies. Our main purpose is to make sure you receive the Highest return on your investment, while keeping your costs as low as possible.
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Business Communication. Basic knowledge 2, knowing that they know.

Publicado el abril 28, 2010 a las 2:19pm 0 Comentarios

In Game Theory there is something taught called Basic Knowledge. I like to think that owning a website, especially one which offers some kind of product or service, is kind of like a game between owner - prospect. In Game Theory there are 3 types of Basic Knowledge; Type 1 is knowing the basic rules of the game, meaning that you as the owner of the website already know how your products, services and everything else works. Now by knowing this you… Continuar

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A las 12:31pm del mayo 26, 2010, Manuel Morales Plaza dijo...
The honor is mine, no doubt. It is also a pleasure to hear back from you. Your work is exciting and necessary in these days of crisis and for the foreseeable future. My best wishes for every success.

A hug and profitable week!!

Manuel Morales
A las 9:15pm del mayo 24, 2010, Manuel Morales Plaza dijo...
Thank you very much for adding me as your friend. Actually I´m a President of "Asociación Nacional de Peritos Administradores Judiciales" and "ANPAJ-Tribunal de Arbitraje". Also I´m co-Ambassador of XING Las Palmas.

A hug.

Manuel Morales


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